Brushed FPV Microcopter: Rate Mode Active!

Hi guys and welcome back! In this article I’d like to show you the second generation of my 3D-printed brushed micro FPV copter. As you can see it’s quite an evolution from my first version. It is even smaller but at the same time more robust. Specially the arms were upgraded to be really crash resistant.



I’ve been flying and crashing this little guy *a lot* lately and I’m still on my first frame. Even if the motors look like they would pop-out easily – they don’t. They hold very well this way. The only time I had a motor pop out, was when I crashed into the pavement. But even then it was only a matter of putting it in again and off you go. Setup is still the same cheap motors, props & lipos, which I also used in my first generation, all linked below. They work great and it has plenty of power.




But now, let’s geht the fun started. I have actually started flying rate mode exclusively on this little bird and it’s working great. Flips, rolls, you name it. Enjoy!


Please excuse the interferences in the video. Those are new. I guess I might have crashed the little Quanum micro FPV set one time too many.


Parts List

Here comes the full parts list for you. The heart of this is Micro X Quad frame, which you can print yourself if you have access to a 3D printer. But even if not, hope is not lost yet, I have some alternative frames for you which you can buy.

Alternative Frames

Here are some alternative frames. I have not tried them myself, but based on their specs, they should work fine.

90mm Carbon Fiber DIY Micro Mini FPV Quadcopter Frame Kit 2mm Support 8.5x20mm Coreless Motor

USD 8.99
120mm Carbon Fiber DIY Micro Mini FPV Quadcopter Frame Kit 2mm Support 8.5x20mm Coreless Motor

USD 7.99
120mm Carbon Fiber DIY Micro Mini FPV Quadcopter Frame Kit 2mm Thickness 8.5x20mm Coreless Motor

USD 9.99
Eachine E100 100mm Carbon Fiber DIY Micro FPV RC Quadcopter Frame Support 720/820 Coreless Motor

USD 5.59

LOS Components

This is all which you will need for line of sight flying.

2 X 8.5x20mm 820 Coreless Motor For Hubsan X4 H107C H107D RC Quadcopter

USD 5.42
3 Set Walkera QR Ladybird Blades Propellers for QX95 QX90 QX80 QX100 Hubsan X4 Micro Quadcopter 720 820 Motors

USD 6.89
Syma X5-16 X5C X5SW-1 H5C 1 To 5 3.7V 600MAH Upgrade Battery

USD 15.44

FPV Upgrade

If you like simple, just get one of these:

FX797T 5.8G 25mW 40CH AV Transmitter With 600TVL Camera

USD 34.99
FX FX798T 5.8G 600TVL 25mW 40CH NTSC Mini Transmitter Camera Combo For FPV Multicopter

USD 27.27


If you love tinkering around, you can also build a micro FPV set yourself, for lower cost and more tinkering around fun:

FX758-2 5.8G 200mW 32CH FPV Wireless Audio Video AV Transmitter Module

USD 6.71
600TVL 1/4 1.8mm CMOS FPV 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens Camera PAL/NTSC 3.7-5V for RC Drone FPV Racing

USD 8.99
600TVL 1/4 CMOS 2.8mm 90 Degree FPV Camera PAL/NTSC 3.7-5V

USD 6.99
FPV 5.8GHz Micro CL TX Antenna Light Weight for RC Drone FPV Racing

USD 3.99

Keep in mind, that if you build the set yourself, you will also need a good power filter, such as the Pololu S7V8A, to avoid intereference from the brushed motors. My suggestion is the Quanum set if you want a simple solution.


If you do not have a DSM2 compatible radio yet, you have two possibilities. First you can get a DSM2 module, if you already have a Taranis or a similar radio:

OrangeRX DSMX DSM2 Compatible 2.4Ghz Transmitter Module V1.2 (JR/Turnigy/Taranis compatible)



Or, if you really just want to try this build and your are looking for a cheap DSM2 radio just for trying this out, HobbyKing has this very cheap OrangeRX radio for you, which will work great:

OrangeRx Tx6i Full Range 2.4GHz DSM2/DSMX compatible 6ch Radio System (Mode 2) International Version



There is also one from Banggood, if you prefer this vendor:

FsFly T-six 2.4GHz 6CH DSM2 Compatible Transmitter For RC Models

USD 92.73


Ok, to conclude this article. What should I say – I love these small brushed FPV microcopters more every day. They are a blast. If you have been building brushless copters, try one of these. They are so easy to build, you will love it. And you can fly them almost anywhere, because they are so small and lightweight. Hope you enjoyed watching this video and stay tuned for more. If you liked this video, please leave a thumbs up and subscribe. I’m looking forward to see you next time :-)

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