Catch that Bixler!

It’s all about the fun, right? You bet we had fun on this day. I went flying with two friends. I was piloting my 1.5m (about 59″) FPV wing and my buddies were flying their Bixlers from HobbyKing. Of course I tried to get as close as possible to them for some nice shots … any yes, maybe I was a bit *too* close at times, which resulted in some … how should I say … touching moments ;-).

Here are some of the nicer screencaps from the video:

Bixler closeup Bixler closeup Bixler closeup Bixler closeup Bixler closeup

…and here comes the video itself of course, but first a disclaimer: No Bixler was harmed during the “touching moments” in the video. Which does not mean, that none of the Bixlers was hurt … my buddies are really good at that without my help 😉 … but see for yourself:

I really hope you liked this video. I want to do more such videos and need your help. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel (doesn’t cost you anything more than this click) and check out my other videos – that shows me that you appreciate my work and will motivate me to continue it. Cheers in advance and see you next time :-)


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