Foxeer Legend 1: A Mobius Killer?

In this article we review the Foxeer Legend 1 – a camera in the popular Mobius format. What makes this camera special, however, is that it supports recording full HD (1080p) at 60 frames per second (fps), something which has been unknown so far for a camera in the Mobius format.


Bench Review

In this video we perform an unboxing review of the Foxeer Legend 1. We measure its weight and size and compare it to the Mobius and the RunCam HD. We then evaluate the latency of its live out in comparison to other cameras. Finally we demonstrate the radio transmitter remote control feature of it.

On our bench, the Foxeer – including micro SD card – has a weight of 51g and its size is very similar to the Mobius and the RunCam HD. At its standard settings (which may be changed through the PC software) it supports three modi: 1080p@60fps video, 720p@120fps video and 12 MP photos.

This camera comes with an analog video live-out, which enables to use this camera as an FPV camera in addition to its use as a recording camera. For this live-out it is important that its latency is as low as possible, to enable a “locked-in” feeling when flying fast. When we measured this latency, we were pleasently surprised that its live-out delay is very low:

Latency without recording: 97ms

Latency while recording 1080p@60fps: 97ms

Latency while recording 720p@120fps: 67ms

In all three modi the latency was below 0.1 seconds, in the 720p@120fps mode it was even at 0.067 seconds. Note that these values already include the display of the image on our monitor, so these are true real world values. Regular CCD/CMOS board cameras come with a delay of ~32ms (0.032 seconds) with our display. I think this very low latency makes this camera not only very applicable as an FPV camera for regular FPV, but also makes it applicable for smaller, faster crafts – at least when it comes to latency.

The remote camera trigger is another very interesting feature which we review in our video. It enables to start and stop video and taking of photos from the ground through a three position switch on your radio. This is, for example, very nice when you not only want that beautiful sunset on video, but also want to take a high quality photo of it. Really nice!

Here is our full bench review video for you to watch. Jump points to the different sections are provided in the video description:


Video Quality

After thoroughly reviewing the Foxeer on the bench, where it did not fail to impress, we had to take a look at its video quality of course – it’s a camera after all! I’m happy to say, that here it did not fail to impress either. I come from a Mobius myself, so the first thing I noticed was how much more smooth the video was thanks to the 60 fps versus the 30 fps of the Mobius. For me, that was really a “game changer” and I could not imagine myself going back to a 30 fps camera after this. Impressive. But also the colors and sharpness were really pleasing to look at. We thoroughly tested it in one of our “Bixler Tail Chopping” sessions, and you can watch this video to decide for yourself what you think of it. Be sure to watch it in 60 fps though!


Specs from the manufacturer

The FOXEER action camera is tiny and light at only 49g. It’s equipped with an Ambarella A7LS processor and 16MP Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor. Using 7G optical glass lens of 166°ultra-wide angle, it also has wide, normal, narrow options for selection. 1080P 60 frames per second recording allows you to capture every moment perfectly. You can capture 16MP still photos or Time Lapse photos at set intervals from 3 to 60 seconds. Featuring exclusive R&D UAV wireless control capturing technology, you can wirelessly activate the photo/video functions by UAV remote controller (RC handset). Recommended is a class 10 or above Sandisk MicroSD card.

Ambarella A7LS processor
The Ambarella A7LS Processor guarantees ultra­high­speed pixel processing, enhanced dynamic range and outstanding color fidelity images.

Sony IMX206
The 16MP Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor reduces the noise and increases the light sensitivity of the camera. Record every epic moment, even in dark environments. Never worry again about missing a great moment, whether light or dark.

FOXEER action camera meets your demand for different image/video quality since it has multiple modes, 1296P30F, 1080P60F, 1080P30F, 720P120F, 720P60F, 720P30F. You can also create time lapse videos easily.

UAV remote control
Featured by exclusive R&D UAV wireless control capturing technology, you can wireless activate the photo / video by UAV remote controller.

7G Optical Glass Lens / F2.5 Large Aperture 166° Ultra Wide Angle

Tiny and light weight
Only 49 grams

High Efficiency Battery
850mah Lithium Polymer


Our conclusion

For me, this camera replaced my Mobius, which means that I would answer with a “yes” to this article’s question. The Foxeer did not fail to impress either on the bench or in the live video test. It is really a very promising camera, specially being the first of its kind in this format. Impressive.

The Foxeer Legend 1 is available here.


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