FPV Wristwatch – more than just a toy?

Hi guys and welcome back! In this article we take a look at the 5.8GHz FPV Artifact by GTeng for Ages 14+. So what is it? Let’s take it out of the box and we can see that it seems to be an oversized wrist watch. It’s actually an FPV wrist watch which lets you watch 32 FPV channels right on your wrist.



So this is what we have in the box here. First the watch itself, with its little monitor and below that it shows the band and channel it is tuned into. It also shows if it is getting charged or not.



Here we have an USB charge port and a little antenna which we can clip out.



And here on the other site we have the channel button and of course the power button. Short press the channel button to change the channel and long press it to change the band.



Before we dive deeper into the watch itself, let’s look what else we got here. First we have a standard charging USB cable.



Then we have the manual here, which we go through quickly – just pause it if you want to read something in more detail. Here we can see it’s the T909 model, which sounds a bit like terminator ;-). Here we see some basic specs. Use 5v for charging, it needs around 50 minutes for charging and will then work for around 60 minutes on the 300mA 3.7v lipo. If you need more time, simply use a power bank or similar. As you can see there is nothing really new to it, we already went through the basic functions before.








So, but now let’s get into action. Let’s take a closer look at the antenna. As you can see you can simply clip it out and you will also see your standard whip antenna inthere. You can also put it upwards which looks nice.


Let’s put it on now. You can wear it just like an oversized watch.



Let’s turn it on now, by simply pressing the power button for some seconds. We can see that it works nice and it seems to actually be a snowflake screen. With a short click of the channel button you can change the channels, as you can see. And with a long press you can change the band.


That works pretty well, so let’s go outside and see it in action.

In the video below, we are out on our flying field here to see how well this works in real life. And – surprisingly – it’s working very well. As you can see one can nicely see all dedails on the little screen and also the reception seems to be very good given the small whip antenna. I’m using a 25mW video transmitter on my small quadcopter and there are almost no interferences even if I fly away a farther distance. So this is working great – actually much better than I would have imagined. Really nice!



But now for the most important question. What the hell should you use it for? Is it just a cheap toy or is there an actual use to it? I have a few use cases where I used it to maybe give you an idea.
First, my girlfriend loves it. We take it with us every time we go flying with friends and she really likes to just be able to casually watch our flying while actively chatting with my other buddies’ girlfriends. The watch seems to be just right to not keep her from her main task of constantly chatting to the other girls while still being able to keep up with us flying. So that’s one use case … I guess ;-D

Another use case is when I go to watch FPV races of friends. I love to be able to just tap into their feed without carrying a full FPV set or similar. So for spectating they are very nice and useful. The only disadvantage here is that they lack Raceband and Autoscan, that is a pitty.

Another – absolutely not FPV-related use case – is that a friend actually uses that watch as a monitor for his baby monitoring system. He has a 5.8GHz baby monitor system which apparently uses the same frequencies as we do for FPV and when he is walking around the house or in the garden he uses this watch to keep up with what his toddler is up to. Pretty awesome!

So let’s conclude. This is a great little gadget. It works nicely and there are some use cases where I actually use it. So all in all, I can suggest it and at 40 USD it’s not really breaking the bank.

The FPV wristwatch is available from Gearbest, just click here.

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