Low-Cost FPV Flying Wing (with Quadcopter Power System!)

In this article we present you a flying wing with FPV at a low cost. Other than quadcopters, flying wings provide much longer flight times. The flying wing presented here has a wing span of 1 meter (about 39 inches) which makes it quite portable. Moreover, I’ve always loved the look of flying wings – they just look awesome in the air.


Basic components to get you in the air:

Please note: I’m using a multirotor power system (motor & ESC) for this build, since that is what I have available. This is also the reason for the OPTO ESC and the additionally required UBEC. If you use an alternative ESC with integrated BEC, you will not need the UBEC. Also the lipo is a bit of an overkill (with regards to its C-rating) for this build, but it works great. This meants that the complete flying wing will cost you only about 73 USD, only missing a receiver.


Additionally you will need:

RC receiver (this depends on your RC transmitter)


For FPV you will need:

Eachine CCD 700tvl 148 Degree Camera Lens w/ 5.8G 200mW FPV Transmitter (31 USD)


I’m discussing all the components in my unboxing video, which you can watch here:



The build itself is very straight forward and you should not have any major issues. You will note that I do not use a prop-saver for this wing. The prop saver is not necessary, since the props itself are quite small – I’m currently using a 5 inch prop. That makes it unlikely that the prop is damaged during landing, as long as you land in grass or similar. However, the rigid mounting of the prop gives you the large advantage that the whole power setup will be much more vibration free, which your motor will thank you. Additionally the wing will be much less noisy with a rigid mounted (balanced) prop.

For details on the build itself, please refer to the build-review video here:


Maiden Flight

The maiden flight went exceptionally well. It was absolutely no problem to launch the wing and it flew just fine. All it needed was a little downthrust on the motor, which I mixed in the transmitter. Another solution for this would be to just mount the motor with a slightly increased angle, which would be the cleaner solution. Other than that it was a pleasure to fly and also glided very well, given its small size.

Please check out the video of the maiden flight here:



For about 100 USD you get a well flying, quite portable, FPV flying wing. What more can one ask for?


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