Mobius vs. RunCam HD – Which one is better?

In this article we compare two of the most popular small action cameras which are used by RC pilots on their flying machines.

First we do an unboxing review of the RunCam HD. We compare its external features to the Mobius camera and also do a weight comparison. We additionally compare the contents of the RunCam HD kit to that of the Mobius kit.



Consequently, we continue our comparison with latency tests. We test the latency of the live video out of the RunCam HD and compare the values the Mobius. We perform these tests for several scenarios, that is, no recording, 720p@60fps recording and 1080p@30fps recording. This shows how good the different cameras, at their different modi, are suited to not only be used as a recording camera but potentially also as a board camera.

For both tests, the latest firmware is used on the cameras:
Mobius: v2.37
RunCam HD: AQ501.2015.0807.17

The tests lead to surprising results, which show that the latency of the live video out is lower when the camera is additionally recording.



The raw test results are given below, please watch the video for further information:
RunCam – not recording: 166ms
RunCam – 720p@60fps: 101ms
RunCam – 1080p@30fps: 134ms

Mobius – not recording: 134ms
Mobius – 720p@60fps: 67ms
Mobius – 1080p@30fps: 134ms

The results start making sense when you think about it. You have that CMOS sensor. When working at 30 FPS, the image from the sensor is taken 30 times a second. A lower resolution version of that image is used for the analog out (at least that is how I think it works on a high level). So that analog out image is available 30 times a second. At 60 FPS it will be available twice as fast, so it will be available 60 times a second. At least that explains why there is lower latency at 60 FPS than at 30 FPS.

We finalize our comparison by comparing the quality of the video of the RunCam HD and the Mobius. We perform this by mounting both the RunCam HD and the Mobius side by side on our mini quad. This video shows the center section of both videos right next to each other to enable you to compare the quality for yourself.

Again, for both cameras, the latest firmware is used:
Mobius: v2.37
RunCam HD: AQ501.2015.0807.17

The Mobius is tested with the C lens and the RunCam HD is equipped with the F2.8 lens.


Note: There is an improved C2 lens for the Mobius available. However, so far I have recorded all of my flight videos on this channel with this Mobius C lens and have always been satisfied.

Here you can find two snapshots from the raw footage:




This concludes our tests. I will leave it to everyone to decide on their own which camera to chose.

The RunCam HD is available directly from the manufacturer at:

The Mobius is – with the new C2 lens – is, for example, available from Banggood at:

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