Reggae Shark Brushed 135mm FPV Micro Quadcopter: Build & Fly

Hi guys and welcome back. In this article we take a look at the Reggae Shark 135-size fram for 8.5mm brushed motors by Micro Motor Warehouse. We put it together and take it out flying. The frame is made from polycarbonate and is very crash resistant. It’s weight is only 11.5g and you can simply clip it together.



The motors are brushed 8.5mm motors which are simply stuck into the frame. They hold great that way.




We are using a Micro Scisky as flight controller, which is capable of running Cleanflight, Betaflight and so on, just like a normal Naze. This means it also has full rate mode support, which is awesome. I soldered the little motor connectors onto it, which enables to quickly change motors if necessary.




I soldered a battery connector to it, which I salvaged from a lipo charging cable. I also directly connected the 1s micro FPV set to it, which we are using for this build.




Here you can see the FC mounted to the center of the frame already – I simply used soft double-sided tape for this.




To mount the camera, I printed a little “seat” for it, which I simply glued to the frame using hot glue. Here it would have been a good idea to clip on the roll-over bar the other way around, which would protect the camera antenna better. But it looks nice this way ;-).





Here you can already see the motor protectors, which double act as landing feed, pushed over the motors.




Including the 600mA lipo and the propellors, we arrive at 63g flying weight.



And here it is, in all its glory, the reggae shark, ready to conquer the mighty seas of the sky. So let’s go flying mateys, arrrr!








There we go. On these first flights you will still see some minor vibrations, wich I later found out were due to an unbalanced prop. I have changed this since then and now the vibrations are totally gone. I think you can see yourself what a blast to fly this thing is. Thanks to the slightly larger frame you also have almost no props in the view, which is awesome. This thing is a brushed power beast. Flips & rolls are absolutely no problem and if you want the little guy is also very fast. Enjoy some of the flight footage.



So let’s conclude this article. This is a really nice garden flyier and at 63g flying weight, you can conquer the skies almost anywhere with it. All the links are below, as usual. Hope you liked this article and if you did, please leave a thumbs up and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Many thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to see you next time!

Parts list:

Reggae Shark 135-size frame:
Brushed 8.5mm motors:
Parrot RS propellers (66mm/1mm):
Micro Scisky Flight Controller:
Micro FPV Set: or (flexible antenna)

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