Tevo Tarantula 3D Printer: Flexible Filament Upgrade & Test Prints

Hi guys and welcome back. In this short article I’d like to show you how I upgraded my Tevo Tarantula 3D printer with a metal extruder which allows me to work with flexible filament. I also show my first RC related test prints with the flexible filament. After the unboxing, I quickly put the extruder together and replaced my original extruder with it, which is very straight forward as you can see in the photos.

































I also did a first quick test print of the two cuddling owls, which came out pretty good, but which you don’t need the flexible filament for.



Now let’s get serious. Here I’m printing a flexible holder for Mobius, RunCam & Foxeer Legend 1 cameras, which works great for reducing any vibrations thanks to the flexible filament. I also printed a lens protection which is specific to the Mobius. All links are below. Here you can see a timelapse of printing it.


This is the result. Thanks to the flexible filament it works for all kinds of these cameras and also works great for reducing vibrations. I’m really happy with it and you will see the resulting FPV videos in my upcoming videos and articles.























The Tevo Tarantular 3D Printer with the “Metal Extruder” Option is available here: http://bit.ly/28ZBZU0

If you already own a Tevo Tarantula and you are only interested in the metal extruder, you can contact them here: http://bit.ly/28Op9Io
Here you can find my original review of the Tevo Tarantula 3D printer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9vVDn744S8
The Diatone Tyrant 180 frame is available from: http://bit.ly/21tqtUy

Links to cameras which work with the flexible holder:
RunCam 2 HD: http://bit.ly/1ODP6Gs
Foxeer Legend 1: http://bit.ly/1RH90Wr
Mobius: http://bit.ly/1tvtwAr

Links to the 3D models:
Camera Flex Mount: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1591716
Mobius Lens Protection: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:461190


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