This is the story of “Minion Quad Power”!

There was once that little Minion, just came to be and well confused.


Not knowing what was happening, he was already upside down!


Feeling that desire from deep down, he had to start looking for a master. Not knowing what to do he captured one of the flying machines to serve his purpose!

Next time trying, he even got a buddy, but man was it a bumpy ride!

He reviewed those crazy flying machines, in order to understand them better.

After much trying, he got the hang of it and even earned his mini quad wings!

… but just when he got the hang of it, an evil Bixler did appear!

What will come next? Nobody knows, but the story of Minion Quad Power is not over … dark Minion clouds are on the horizon …


Want to know how the story unfolds? Just join us to be a part!

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