Arkbird Autopilot with OSD: Unboxing Review

In this video we do an unboxing review of the Arkbird Autopilot, which promises to be an all-in-one solution for your fixed-wing FPV model’s navigation. This is also the starting point of a series of videos featuring the Arkbird OSD and the Arkbird UHD long range control system.


Some more information on the Arkbird Autopilot System:
The Arkbird Autopilot System w/OSD is an all-in-one solution for your FPV model’s navigation. This unit is loaded with features such as GPS waypoint flight, “Return to Home” functionality, auto-leveling, altitude hold and much more! It utilizes GPS, barometer and attitude sensors to stabilize/control your model’s flight.

Worried about losing control of your FPV model when flying out of sight? With the Arkbird Autopilot System on-board there is no need to worry! The “Return to Home” function can be activated at any time to fly your model back to its take-off position and will be activated automatically in the event that your model flies out of RF range.

The integrated OSD system provides you with all of the information you need during flight such as altitude, flying direction, home direction, roll angle, pitch angle and time since take-off just to name a few. This system also includes a current sensor with pre-installed XT60 power plugs so you can monitor your model’s flight battery status via the OSD.

The Arkbird Autopilot System comes with everything you need to setup your FPV model for the ultimate in GPS based Autopilot flight. It features a “plug and play” design meaning there is no soldering or modification required to use. All power plugs and wire connections are pre-installed.

– GPS, barometer and attitude sensors to stabilize/control your model’s flight
– Integrated OSD functionality
– GPS based “Return to Home” functionality
– 4 point GPS waypoint flight
– “Cruise Flight” mode offering straight and level flight pattern holding
– Auto-leveling
– Easy to setup and adjust

The Arkbird Autopilot with OSD is available from HobbyKing:

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