Arkbird UHF Module / Repeater Station: Unboxing Review

In this video we do an unboxing of the Arkbird UHF system. It is a 433 MHZ system, supporting up to 1400mW for reliable long range control of your aircraft.


Additional information from the manufacturer:
For long range FPV flight, Arkbird have produced this module and repeater station radio system compatible with all transmitters. You can either plug this transmitter into the module pins on the back of your PPM transmitter or use it as a repeater station by plugging it into any receiver, making this the most versatile and easy to use unit for long range FPV flying. It has adjustable power output from 100mw-1400mw giving excellent range and operates on FHSS for effective frequency hopping.
Fully compatible with the Arkbird autopilot and OSD system, it can be connected via the 3 wire plug and gives full 10 channel functionality by converting the existing Ch 1-4 into Ch 7-10. This will also allow the Arkbird unit to control a camera gimbal with adjustable stability augmentation (Arkbird OSD firmware needs to be upgraded to v3.1020 or newer). This unit really is the easiest, most reliable and simple solution for long range FPV flight and because its made by Arkbird, you know it will work very well.

Please check your local restrictions on using UHF equipment before you use this module.

• Advanced FHSS frequency hopping system
• Adjustable power output (100mw-1400mw)
• Tuner and repeater modes
• No soldering required, just plugs into your model and transmitter
• 10 channel servo output
• Rapid 20ms radio link
• Compatible with Arkbird autopilot and OSD
• Compatible with ALL transmitters (via tuner or repeater modes)
• No programming knowledge needed, unit is plug and play
• Failsafe protection
• Included all hardware and antennas needed for operation

The Arkbird UHF system is available from HobbyKing:

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