Eachine Racer 250: Roller Coaster Maiden Flight

This is the maiden flight of my friend’s Eachine Racer 250. It was very windy and my mate is a bit of a Rambo on the sticks so grab your sick bag and take a seat.

We did many more flights in the meantime and I cannot say anything bad about this miniquad given its price. It is a nice flier and also performs well in noodle gate racing (videos online soon :-D).


The Eachiner Racer 250 is available from Banggood: http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-Racer-250-FPV-Drone-Built-in-5_8G-Transmitter-OSD-With-HD-Camera-BNF-Version-p-995366.html?p=I32013833408201410RW

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