How to build a low-cost 5$ brushless motor thrust stand

In this video I show you how to build compact low-cost thrust stand for measuring the thrust of your mini-quad power systems. It can easily be extended for larger propellers as well. We also perform a live test, which nearly ends with an accident. Thankfully your friendly reviewer is still alive and unhurt ;-).


The live test shows a maximum thrust of about 415-420g for the Multistar “Baby Beast” 2150kV motor with the Gemfan 5040 prop and a 3s Lipo. This corresponds to what others have masured for this combination (e.g., at RCGroups) and shows that the thrust stand is working as expected.

Please note that after the rod jumped out of the hole in the video, the scales showed a too high value for maximum thrust, which is because of the laverage effect as explained in the video. The values shown just before that (415-420g) are the accurate ones.

I have already modified the stand so that can not happen again by simply gluing some nuts onto the rod, as shown here:
Low-cost 5$ brushless motor thrust stand


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