RunCam HD vs. Mobius: Latency Tests

In this video we test the latency of the live video out of the RunCam HD and the Mobius. We perform these tests for several scenarios, that is, no recording, 720p@60fps recording and 1080p@30fps recording. This shows how good the different cameras, at their different modi, are suited to not only be used as a recording camera but potentially also as a board camera.


For both tests, the latest firmware is used on the cameras:
Mobius: v2.37
RunCam HD: AQ501.2015.0807.17

The tests lead to surprising results. I would love to have a fruitful discussion below on the test results, which surprisingly show that the latency of the live video out is lower when the camera is additionally recording.

The raw test results are given below, please watch the video for further information:
RunCam – not recording: 166ms
RunCam – 720p@60fps: 101ms
RunCam – 1080p@30fps: 134ms

Mobius – not recording: 134ms
Mobius – 720p@60fps: 67ms
Mobius – 1080p@30fps: 134ms

The RunCam HD is available directly from the manufacturer at:

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