RunCam HD vs. Mobius: Video Quality Comparison

In this video we compare the quality of the video of the RunCam HD and the Mobius. We perform this by mounting both the RunCam HD and the Mobius side by side on our mini quad. This video shows the center section of both videos right next to each other to enable you to compare the quality for yourself.

For both cameras, the latest firmware is used:
Mobius: v2.37
RunCam HD: AQ501.2015.0807.17

The Mobius is tested with the C lens and the RunCam HD is equipped with the F2.8 lens.

Note: There is an improved C2 lens for the Mobius available. However, so far I have recorded all of my flight videos on this channel with this Mobius C lens and have always been satisfied.


Here you can find two snapshots from the raw footage:

vlcsnap-2015-09-06-19h26m38s385 vlcsnap-2015-09-06-19h27m14s720


The RunCam HD is available directly from the manufacturer at:

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