Sky-HD01 camera with tiltable lens and integrated VTX

In this video we bench test the “Sky-HD01″ camera from SkySightHobby. It is a 1080p@30fps camera with a Mobius/RunCam form factor which comes with an integrated 400mW 32ch 5.8GHz transmitter. In addition it comes with a tiltable lens, which avoids the need for a tilted camera mount on quadcopters. This is a full bench review of the camera and its functions, including latency measurements of the live out, which is relevant for FPV usage.


This is a rather long video, so here are some jump points for you:
Introduction/Unboxing: 0:00
Features & basic functions: 1:28
Changing the settings: 6:49
Weight & size comparison: 10:51
Live out latency measurements: 12:58
Conclusion: 16:16

If you are just here for the latency measurements, here they are:
Without recording: 100ms
While recording 1080p@30fps: 67ms

Further information on this camera:


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